Long gone are the days where voluminous frills, petticoat ruffles and gigantic ruches reign supreme, but that doesn’t mean we have to get rid of bold and prominent wallpaper too. The patterned paper seems to be making a most welcomed comeback, and I plead for the trend to stick around forever. (Get it?!) Here are eight stylish and sophisticated ways to include the pattered paper in your home, without making the space resemble Granny’s living room.


Just because it’s called wallpaper doesn’t mean it needs to stay on the wall! Go bold and pattern your ceiling with your favorite floral or geometric print. Adding a motif on the ceiling rather than the walls will not only set you apart, you avant-garde interior designer, but it adds another dimension to your space, leaving ample room for other wall ornamentation like scones or art.


Don’t have the budget to wrap and entire room in your favorite botanical print? Not to fret – you can achieve a similar effect by framing smaller pieces of wallpaper. This works especially well in a bedroom where you can create the feeling of a headboard without the fuss of upholstery.


Another trick to decorating with wallpaper on a budget is to adorn one wall rather than all four. Sometimes decorating with too daring of prints on all four walls can leave a room looking smaller than it actually is, but here you can use that bold and bright pattern you’ve been eyeing as you’ll be highlighting one space, not four! Try putting it on the wall with windows to break up the pattern, or add layers of paintings and sconces to the wall to make it even more dimensional.


Want to add a bold print on all four walls but don’t want the colors and textures to overload your senses? Easy! Stop the wallpaper at hip-height. This not only allows for easier clean up if your children decide to finger paint their own wallpaper but it also gives the illusion of higher ceilings. Remember to add a molded trim between the wallpaper and the wall to give it a finished and sophisticated look.


The beauty about wallpaper is that you can really decorate any location. Adorn seemingly forgotten spaces like stairways, hallways, mudrooms and pantries with pattered prints, and every time you walk into the space you’ll smile. 


Powder rooms are one of my favorite spaces in a home - a beautifully decorated and well-devised loo makes every guest feel so special. Dazzle your guests by dotting the walls with a striking wallpaper, some fresh blooms and a fragrant hand soap. Caution: they may never leave the loo!


Getting ready to welcome a new addition to your family? Add a timeless yet colorful wallpaper to your angel’s room! I suggest looking for a print that is not too bold (you want your toddler to fall asleep, right?!) and one that is not too infantile. You’ll want the room to grow with your baby.


The beauty about decorating your own home is that there are no rules – just follow your heart. And, if you’re heart is telling you to go bold, go all the way! I especially love this colorful geometric pattern in the middle of a modern and bright living room. If you’re looking to incorporate daring prints, remember you may need to compromise; put it on one wall, frame it, or stop at hip height!


Photos of these fabulous homes are by: 1. Heydt Designs, 2. Touch Interiors, 3.Hide & Sleep, 4.Laura U., 5.Rachel Oliver Design, 6.Jessica Lagrange