I’m up for a challenge, a floral challenge. A test that will challenge my floral creativity and passion for livening a home. “What is this self-imposed challenge?”, you’re pleading to know. In comes the latest addition: Bodega Series.

In my Bodega Series, I’ll be scouring the sometimes-scarce shelves of my local bodega to create exquisite, unusual, or even sophisticatedly simple arrangements. All from a neighborhood convenient store and all within budget.

I know we all don’t have time, patience or desire to visit the flower market, so I’m hoping to inspire you to create from any source. Flowers should make you smile, and I dream that the Bodgea Series will bring out that grin – incessantly!





White peonies

Fuchsia rhododendron

Blush godetias

The peony flowers and rhododendron bunches have large diameters, so I wanted to add smaller, textured flowers, and for that I picked blush godetias. I really love them, they are feminine and so simply beautiful, and when I saw them in blush pink, I thought they would not only add a differing size dimension to the arrangements, but it would subdue the stark contrast of the white peonies and fuchsia rhododendron.

Fill a vase with water and trim the stems. As rhododendron is a woody-stalked plant, you’ll need to slice the stem in half so that it can easily drink the water.

Carefully arrange the flowers by putting the peonies and rhododendron in first. You can then add in the godetias between the two larger flowers, creating depth and a linkage throughout the arrangement.

Et voila! Simple as that.