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A Summer Cheese Board


A Summer Cheese Board

Cristina Soriano

The best cheese platters are those that are not only served on (very large) wooden boards, but those that have a (wide) variety of mild and stinky cheeses, crisp crackers and lots of ripe summer fruit as well!

Sitting under the wisteria pergola and reading my weekend bibles of Elle Décor, Bon Appetite and Architectural Digest – all with a white wine spritzer in hand - I decided to arrange a beautiful cheese plate that would complement a perfect summer afternoon.

3 Cheese Rule

Fine, it’s more like a 3 x 3 cheese rule (because I have a hard time putting a cap on serving just three cheeses) but you get the gist. Serve three or more cheeses, and try to choose all different ones. Use a soft, medium and hard cheese, ones made of goat, cows or sheep’s milk and ones that are more subtle and others with lots of flavor.

Crispy Crackers

Choose delicious crispy crackers to serve alongside your cheese. You want the cracker to compliment the cheese, not over power it, so select those that are not laden with flavor. If you choose an exceptionally bland biscuit, sprinkle them with a little salt and pepper and you’re good to go!

Something Sweet

Cheese paired with a little something sweet always makes your pallet happy. Since it’s summer and the fruit is fragrant and sweet, serve your cheese alongside slices of peaches and strawberries rather than honey.

So, grab a big wooden board, a sharp cheese knife and start munching! Hopefully with a bright summery cocktail in your (other) hand.


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