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Mother’s Day (Homemade) Flowers!


Mother’s Day (Homemade) Flowers!

Cristina Soriano

STOP! Don’t stroll into an over-priced florist to send your Mum a bouquet this Mother’s Day. Skip over to your closest bodega (or flower market) and create a stunning (and affordable) arrangement instead! Nothing screams thoughtfulness and love like DIY, right?

Mother’s Day is this weekend and what better way to show her your love than a beautiful homemade bouquet? Although my Mama is far away and I can’t overnight a CS-made arrangement, here’s how I made mine. Mom, you’re my number one fan so I know you’re reading this and I hope you love the arrangement as much as I loved making it for you! xx

Fresh is ALWAYS Best (even when it goes against your plans)

While walking over to my go-to bodega, I was forecasting my arrangement: I wanted to create something out of delicate peonies, blush roses and fragrant hyacinth; I wanted something feminine and dainty. But, when I got to my corner bodega, I noticed that the peonies looked bruised, the roses wilted and the hyacinth dwarfed. With my creative plans in the dirt, I had to come up with Plan 2. And that, my friends, included using only the freshest flowers I saw.

Go Daring

I fell in love with beautiful carnations (I know, dear readers, you may think they are –dare I say – filler flowers, but I love them). They have a pale green center and a striking red outline, and they remind me of the flowers from Flame Trees, prolific at home in the Philippines.  I thought, why not – let’s go daring this Mother’s Day! To complement the carnations I bought simple white tulips and white snapdragons. I also bought beautiful coral and yellow tulips but decided not to include them – it’s always better to have a few more options at home!

Dive In

People always tell me they are nervous to start snipping the first stem. What I tell them is: Just go for it! Don’t be afraid. (It is, after all, a flower arrangement, nothing more serious than that!) Start clipping and creating and have fun with it! Take a step back from time to time, to observe the your masterpiece from afar, from a new perspective and with fresher eyes. If you’re not in love with the display, remove the stems and start over –you may get more creative on your second go!

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