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Office Boost: Bigger, Brighter and Bolder!


Office Boost: Bigger, Brighter and Bolder!

Cristina Soriano

One of the most substantial projects I have been working on is the interior design for a brand new office space! It was a huge project, especially being one of my first major undertakings, and I’m so happy with the final result! I’ve popped a bottle of bubbly while looking through the ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos and could not have a bigger grin!

Whether you work out of an office or a dedicated space at home, I’m sharing my style inspirations for the new space so that you, too, can implore some of these designs in your own productive haven.

Here’s a peek of what the building looked like before work started. The 10,000 square foot space used to house a dark and dirty gym, equipped with dilapidated rubber floors and obsolete tanning beds!

Light, Bright, White

The first call to order was to create a vanilla box out of a drab gym: concrete floors, white walls and lots of light. There is a huge glass-paned garage door, which we chose to not only leave but to highlight – one way that more natural light could infuse the space. We added some skylights and enlarged the preexisting windows.

For me, a white, bright and light space always fosters productivity and creativity. It’s a blank canvas that invites the boldest and most colorful ideas. There is always something positive about having natural sunlight – it just makes you happy!

Lean, Green, Productive Machine

When I was designing the work pods, I wanted to incorporate some type of greenery into the space. The area has enough natural light that I thought indoor plants would be an amazing addition to the vanilla box. What I didn’t think about was maintenance and upkeep! So, as a compromise, we came up with a solution to use lush, fake boxwood hedges. We lined the back of bookshelves and a large entrance wall with the foliage to foster and inspire the ‘lean, green, productive machine’ in all employees. Now, going through the space, you feel as though you’re Alice in Wonderland, going through the curious labyrinth!

I understand that creating your own boxwood maze may be difficult in your cubicle or home office, but I cannot stress the important of incorporating greenery into your space. If you’ll looking for the perfect indoor plant, here’s an article that outlines some varieties that don’t require too much sunlight or maintenance!

Dramatic Doors

High ceilings and lots of space call for very dramatic conference room doors. The inspiration was an integration of rustic and industrial styles. Barn-style door on a black steel track carry large wooden doors covered in aluminum metal sheeting and dotted with rivets. Think of airplanes transformed into large sliding doors! Could this encourage anymore g-force ideas?

Even if you cant’ revamp your current hollow-core doors, consider incorporating a dramatic design element into your space. Something that will stimulate you but not leave you completely side-tracked!

Smart Art

One of my favorite tasks in this project was to choose style, size and shape of the art that is showcased on the large white walls. So, I thought, what better way to bring in color and pizzazz than through the art?! I chose really colorful photos that were printed on large (60 x 40 inch) canvases.

Enliven you’re own productive haven by hanging up some colorful prints – they need not to be expensive or abundant, but a little burst of art can go a long way!

Paint A Wall!

Painting your walls yields the greatest bang for your buck – I promise! A can of paint can cost you anywhere from $20 - $100, and the outcome is so dramatic.

For the executive offices, we opted to bring more life into the rooms by painting one wall with a bright hue. We chose to paint the wall behind the desk so as to prohibit possible vertigo or being totally dazed from color saturation!

If you’re looking to paint a room but fear that the color may be too bold for the size, try staining one wall first and then see how you feel. One wall may provide just enough pizzazz! 


To see more photos of the office, click here

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