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My Gallery Wall


My Gallery Wall

Cristina Soriano

I love art. Lots of it. In all different shapes and colors. From most genres and by most artists. (Gosh, I sound like such a promiscuous lover of art!) But anyway, with my strong devotion to adorning my walls, it should come as no surprise that I’ve been dreaming of an oh-so-coveted ‘gallery wall' for quite sometime.

The shortage of framed drawings and absence of wall space is, fine, I admit, one reason why the design element has only been a faint illusion, a tucked away figment in my imagination. But really, it’s just that I was intimated.

How do I hang all these pictures, in varying sizes and shapes to look, well, chic? And the perfect mean between balanced and overcrowded?

In comes Mama Sors, my stunning mother who's creative vision for interior design I wish I possessed. With effortless ease and no flutter of the eye, she started drilling into the brick wall and hanging my memories. One by one, without plan or reason.

Yes, I think the wall looks fantastic (and I’m not saying that because I created some of the prized paintings)! But, I get it, creating a gallery wall can definitely be nerve wracking. Who wants to live with walls pricked with nail-holes if the experiment doesn’t end up working out? Or a space where the art seems in-cohesive and cluttered? Not I.

So, here are some tips, for those inner-gallerists, some that yes, I admittedly did not employ, but we all don’t have a Mama Sors, right?


Don’t collage only framed paintings and prints. Go bold! Use different mediums of art – photographs, drawings, paintings. Hang up ceramic plates or even a caribou mask!

Choose a color story or a unified team to help make your wall look more cohesive. If you have a set of botanical prints, hang them up! 

Do a draft! Trace each piece on craft paper to make cutouts of your art. Stick each cutout on the wall with painters tape – move pieces around to experiment on location and height.

You’re never finished: this will forever be a work in progress as you continue to add to your collection. The fun part will to trying to fit it all into the wall without looking too cluttered or messy.

Get your hammer out, and start nailing away!


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