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Taco About A Party: Cinco Must-Haves for your Cinco de Mayo Fiesta!


Taco About A Party: Cinco Must-Haves for your Cinco de Mayo Fiesta!

Cristina Soriano

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo by throwing an intimate fiesta with your closest amigos! Here are five must-haves for your table, that will put everyone in the south-of-the border spirit, and craving every last sip of those margaritas! Can anyone say, “Pass the guacamole”?! 

Más Color, Por Favor! 

Don’t be shy to decorate with your table with lots of color and patterns! Cinco de Mayo, contrary to popular belief, is not Mexican Independence Day, but is a significant date to Mexican heritage. It represents the unlikely Mexican victory in the Battle of Puebla – a carousing event for Mexicans, so why not celebrate with lots of jovial, happy and roisterous color!?

If you have a Mexican striped poncho or blanket laying around your home, use that as a tablecloth, but if not, use a bright color tablecloth and use a cotton scarf as a table runner – like I have done!

Mix and match dinnerware, glassware and linens. Use the most colorful set of plates you have, even if you are combing two different sets! 

Hot-Hot-Hot Place Cards

To add to the festive spirit, place some jalapeño peppers as place cards for all your guests. So simple yet so jovial! All you have to do is grab a metallic pen and write your guests name on each pepper. Be careful not to puncture or bruise the jalapeño’s flesh – you don’t want the spice to seep onto the napkins or plate! 

Tissue Flowers

Tissue paper flowers always come to mind when I think of a Mexican fiesta. So why not incorporate them onto the table?! I created various shapes and sizes and put them in old cans – canned beans, yams and tomatoes – rather than in glass vases. The rustic and organic nature of the cans not only harkens back to the rich culinary flavors of Mexican cuisine, but it also adds extra color and spark to the table!

If you don’t know how to make tissue paper flowers, click here

Masks, Favors and a Photo Booth!

Nothing screams fiesta like a festive photo booth with an abundance of fun and goofy props. Make some homemade masks and accessories by painting the symbol on some heavy craft paper, and then paste it onto a chopstick. I made an exaggerated mustache, a prickly cactus, an icy margarita, a pair of sunglasses with a tissue flower, a beer bottle and a striped maraca! Mix and match with your guests and have fun taking silly photos. Cheap thrills with festive frills! 

Pass the Guacamole!

You can’t throw a Cinco de Mayo fiesta without a large bowl of guacamole and some blue corn tortilla chips. I like to put my chips in a bowl lined with tissue paper, it looks so much more fun, and it marries with the paper flowers, making the table look more cohesive. I like to make sure that I have enough guacamole for everyone, so I usually make two batches, one for each end of the table! The worst thing to stop munching because you need to pass the guacamole… far far away!

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