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It feels like SPRING!


It feels like SPRING!

Cristina Soriano

So, why not have a colorful dinner to celebrate? I did!

The past few days – a bright blue sky, warmer temperatures and growing crocuses – have made me so happy! I feel like a new person, a sunflower that radiates with every ray of sun.

And when I’m happy (I’m so predictable), I have people over - DUH. Dinner parties are sacred; they bring people into your home, all to celebrate and enjoy each other in the company of delicious food, so, I thought it would be wonderful to invite people to celebrate the long-awaited change of season.

Table: colorful, of course. I used these beautiful porcelain plates that Ascanio’s grandmother hand-painted. With delicate flowers, a vibrant green lip and gold gilding, they each are works of art. To complement the colors of the dinnerware, I used a pink and white woodblock printed tablecloth. The more prints on prints, the better!

I love my little frog salt and pepper shakers at both ends of the table. They can be quite “English country” but I think they are really chic. And, so spring. Did you also forget they have always been my favorite animals?

I went to the flower market with the most amazing florist and event designer, Bobo Clark, to buy the blooms for the center of the table. I always go to the market when the seasons change, to not only see what new flowers are in season but to snag and run home with them! The arrangement consists of pink and green ranunculus, pink parrot tulips, white fridge tulips and green viburnum. I wanted something that complements the spring-colors of the table, and I think it does just that!

The table is so colorful and spring-y and so… happy! I can’t wait for my guests to arrive and to celebrate the warmer weather. Hope this inspires you to lure in some of your closest pals for a vivid evening of your own!


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