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Homemade Valentines Day Cards


Homemade Valentines Day Cards

Cristina Soriano

Hallmark holidays are for buying a slew of colorful Hallmark cards, right? WRONG! The most fun and thoughtful notes are handmade, using everyday objects you have in your home.

This year I’m competing with Hallmark for a few personal and jocular cards. And the best part is, they are so easy to recreate, you can do them at the eleventh hour!



Extra chopsticks from last night’s takeout? Don’t throw them! Reuse them for your Valentines Day card (who would have ever thought?!)


Take that matchbook you have laying on your coffee table and remove all but two from the book. Paste it on heart-shaped craft paper and you’re good to go!

UNO (remember that game?!)

Take a card and glue it onto a piece of red paper next to the words, “You’re My Numero Uno!”


So, this Valentines day, don’t graze the aisles of Duane Reade searching for the perfect card, one that blends a mix of humor with sentiment. Get out a hot glue gun and scour your pantry to recreate one of these!  

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