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Funfetti and Flowers


Funfetti and Flowers

Cristina Soriano

We all don’t have time to make molten chocolate lava cake from scratch or to hand paint little stars and stripes on sugar cookie cut-outs, so, we resort to our favorite boxed baker: Pillsbury. Dare I say, “don’t be ashamed”! Not only do we all do it, but the (artificial) sugar and oh so natural flavors right out of the plastic container, really are quite delicious!

This weekend it was my gorgeous sister’s birthday, and I decided that rather than standing in the around-the-block line outside Magnolia Bakery or pre-order a gourmet cake, I would bake our favorite childhood treat – Funfetti!

I am drawn to the beauty and colors of nature, especially flowers, so I ventured to decorate the generic batter (and icing) with some thoughtful, charming and may I say organic (seeing as the mix lacks the unprocessed) touches.

Easy as… cake!

Head to your local farmers market or gourmet grocery and snag a few boxes of edible blooms- and then, get creative! I decorated the cupcakes with a mix of flowers, mint leaves and colorful sprinkles – not that the cake was sugary enough…

Be Careful: Here are a few tips for decorating with edible flowers:

  • Make sure the flowers are purchased from a credible, organic source
  • Never insert the stems into the cake – they contain lots of bacteria being placed in unsanitary florist vases
  • Add the flowers as late as you possibly can, to prevent them from wilting or drying out
  • The flowers will survive in their sealed containers in the fridge for a couple of days, but will dry out if placed on the cake directly

I have to say, the funfetti flower cupcakes were a real HIT!

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