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Colorful Cartagena


Colorful Cartagena

Cristina Soriano

You know me, I don’t shy from color. In fact, I’m often criticized, by my dashing beau, that I like to mix too many patterns and prints, too many for my own sanity! – I mean just take a look at my tiny abode (click here).

So, when I was in Cartagena (last week – for my best friends fabulous wedding,) my hunger for all things psychedelic, printed and patterned was certainly satiated. The candy colored homes that romantically decay, the geometric and clashing mochilas and fresh fruit and foliage – my heart melted (and is still currently there, on the cobblestone streets)!

My trip has not only brought back so much positivity and glitter into my life (that gloomy NYC winter easily withdraws), but it has given me so much inspiration and ideas that I thought I’d share my ‘mood board’ with you; in the hopes that you too get animated about the Caribbean colors, textures and flavors.

Its cold and gloomy in New York City, but my heart is certainly in the tropics – where it will most likely remain forever!

Thank you to my dear amiga for sharing the power of love (and color) with me.


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