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An Absolutely Bananas Merienda!


An Absolutely Bananas Merienda!

Cristina Soriano

Merienda, or an afternoon snack, is a highly prized time in the Filipino culture. It is a moment dedicated to satiating your pallet with something sweet, while chit chatting with close friends or colleagues.

I vividly remember our meriendas growing up – lots of mango or coconut flavored deserts, iced tea shakes and tuna sandwiches. YUM! One of my favorite treats was (surprisingly not something with mango!) sweet banana turron. A deep friend banana, coated in brown sugar and enveloped in spring roll, or lumpia, wrapper – what could be any better?!?! (And any worst for you?)

You have to live sometimes, right?!

So when I was home, I requested an afternoon filled with fried bananas, iced calamansi juice and lots of laughter.

Here’s what I did:



Plantain bananas

Spring roll wrapper

Brown sugar

Canola oil (or, for something more healthy, coconut oil)


Peel and cut the plantain in half, lengthwise.

Coat one half of the banana in brown sugar.

Place in the middle of the wrapper and fold until completely enveloped.

In a skillet with very hot oil, add the banana turrons. Fry until golden brown.

Lay cooked bananas on a piece of paper towel to absorb all excess oil. Serve!


I promise you, this recipe will drive you absolutely bananas – you’ll be craving a merienda like this everyday!


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