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2016: A Year of Colorful Energy


2016: A Year of Colorful Energy

Cristina Soriano

For once in my life and surprisingly with not much resistance, I’ve opted out of making a to-do list. (GASP!) Yes, this year I am not compiling a list of resolutions, activities or habits I want to improve upon or, in some cases, get rid of all together – and I feel so good about it.


Why, you may ask?

Well, my change of heart is not propelled by the fact that somewhere between June and tiding up my desk I’ve misplaced the darn list, or that every year I am determined to stop chewing my nails (but alas, here I am, still gnawing), or wishful thinking - that I don’t actually need to make any New Year’s resolutions.


It is because: I’m opting to change my attitude, and thus my energy during the upcoming year, and with that, a hope that my actions precipitate the good, the colorful in all things, and in in turn, attract the positive.

2015 was one of the best years of my life – I’m working towards something I absolutely love and am wholeheartedly passionate for, I have been able to spend much needed time with those I love the most, and I finally feel settled and happy in my 20’s. I could not be any more grateful for all the blessings I’ve received and more humbled by some of the hurdles that make my journey even more radiant.

But, with a new year comes new desires, new goals and priorities, and although I have had a fabulous 2015, I believe it is time to let go of the past, of any baggage, and start 2016 with only radiant energy.

About a year ago, my mum took me on a mother-daughter trip to Cambodia where we explored the ancient tombs and ruins at Angkor Wat. Words cannot begin to describe the beauty we explored. But, standing amidst the fallen rock, the songs of the cicadas and the power of the centuries-old trees, the energy, nature’s vibration, made me speechless.

We are all balls of energy, full of vibrations, that expel and attract similar and complimentary energy. We sense the vibration of another, and when our intuition feels a colorful energy, one in tune with the universe and is positive about life, we are drawn to them like a magnet. Standing in the ruins at Ta Prohm Temple, the vibrations I felt between my mum, mother nature and I were absolutely indescribable.

This year I’m focusing on creating vibrant energy to not only receive it back, but as an act of gratitude and humanity.

Thank you to all those who I have touched my life, who have supported me and who have blessed me with colorful energy.  xx

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