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A Tropical Working Lunch


A Tropical Working Lunch

Cristina Soriano

Being at home means spending lots of time outside, no matter how hot and humid it may be. Every meal I try to have outdoors on the apartment balcony, enjoying the tropical breeze and warm Manila temperature. I sometimes sit on an antique Filipino chair to write or read – nothing can make me happier than being home and spending time outdoors.

Yesterday I had my gals over for a working lunch (yes, to your surprise we actually worked). I wanted to continue with my commitment to dining al fresco and, of course, in style. So, I decided to set the table celebrating tropical colors and flowers. 

Just because we were working doesn’t mean that the table can’t be dressed to the nines!

So, Mum and I styled the balcony with our favorite tropical accents: a mint green silk sarong, bright pink orchids, hurricanes filled with power white sand, and dainty dinnerware. 

To start, a delicious cold cucumber soup – an all time favorite not only because it’s so refreshing and healthy, but also because it has so much flavor! (Who knew you could have it all?!) Then we feasted in a mixed salad filled with the best produce: fresh hearts of palm, bright yellow corn, cage-free hardboiled eggs, and organic lettuce. Yes, healthy, it is a girl’s lunch after all! A light meal followed by slices of tropical fruit, coffee and chocolate truffles.

A gals lunch that not only fueled productivity and creativity, but one that could not have satisfied all my senses any more! 

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