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The Veritas of Vino


The Veritas of Vino

Cristina Soriano

Last week my foodie sister Camila hosted a wine and cheese pairing evening (thank you Donya!) for eight of her dearest friends. (…so glad I made the cut!) The evening was filled with many glasses of delicious wine, far too many slices of decadent cheese, constant laughter and lots of guidance on our favorite grape drink.

Here are a few veritus of vino:

When you open a bottle of champagne, rather than twisting (or popping) the cork, you should twist the bottle, keeping the cork steady. This will eliminate that overflow fountain of champagne. Look for the ‘kiss’ sound that the bottle makes when you open it.

This is how you should properly taste wine – I totally recommend you give it a gargle! Well no, you don’t gargle the wine, you slurp it and then you chew it. Slurping adds more oxygen and chewing distributes the wine throughout your mouth.

Camila trying the new technique but failing miserably!

The Rule of 4 ‘S’:

See: Take a critical look at the wine. Do you like the color? Does it look more burgundy than brown?


Swirl: Swirl the wine around your glass to incorporate more oxygen, allowing the vino to breathe.

Smell: Smell the wine – you’ll be able to tell right away if it has gone rancid

Sip: Enjoy!


Have you ever noticed a clear edge around your wine? That means that your vino is a young grape. The darker the rim, the older the grape!

If you’re not looking to break the bank on your next restaurant meal, order the second to least expensive wine on the menu – it is usually a sommelier favorite and is a steal!

Eat Meaty: The more marble in the meat, the more volume you want your wine. Indulge in a decadent wine with your steak!

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