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An Afternoon of Apple Cider


An Afternoon of Apple Cider

Cristina Soriano

On the rolling hilltop at Flanagan Hill Farm, the apple trees are abounding with ripe fruit, and, consequently, satiated bellies filled with cinnamon apple crumble!

Apple season is stunning, especially in the Hudson Valley, so on a gorgeous cloudless day, I tugged my sensational boyfriend, Ascanio, our dear friend, Georgiana and the woofers over to the orchard to fill baskets with fruit and jugs with cider.

Obedient Zorro!

Obedient Zorro!

We first reveled in an hour of picking (and munching on) apples. The grass was carpeted in red and green balls, so we were able to fill not only my charming wicker basket but two industrial sized buckets as well!

When picking apples off the branch, the fruit should almost ‘fall’ into your palm rather than yanking it of its stem.

The woofers enjoyed their fair share as well…


And I couldn’t resist either…

Look at all our apples and the apple press in the shed!

After collecting what could satiate the entire Manhattan with apples, we started putting them through the apple press to make cider.

Here's a little video:

You will be mesmerized...

Watching the apples pulverize through the grinder is so mesmerizing – it’s like watching a bonfire - you can easily get lost in your thoughts!

Once the apples have been granulated, we placed a heavy wooden lid over the barrel and started pressing down on the fruit, releasing the fragrant and dulcet cider – that even the dogs couldn’t resist!

He moves it with one finger....

He moves it with one finger....

... and I, with my entire body!

... and I, with my entire body!

We stopped at three gallons, but we could have made many many more. After all, I have to save some fruit for lots of cinnamon apple crumble and sugary apple tarts! All are welcome chez moi for tea, hot cider and apple crumble!

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