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September Seasonals!


September Seasonals!

Cristina Soriano

To my warm blooded chagrin, brisk mornings have made their yearly unwelcome appearance, and back are the days of cozy cable knit sweaters, nights spent reading by the fire and, one of my favorite past times, apple picking!

Despite my intolerance for the cold, I absolutely love autumn in the Northeast – the colors of the changing leaves and the golden glow of early sunsets never fail to provide endless inspiration. Even though the fields are no longer full with tomatoes and watermelon, they are replaced with a bounty I absolutely adore: my Fall Favorites.



I will never forget the very first time I went apple picking. I was in college and my beautiful girlfriends and I drove to a nearby orchard to spend a crisp fall afternoon riding a tractor and noshing on ripe apples. Of course, I was overly excited and distracted, that I rolled my ankle on a fallen fruit (which then quickly swelled to the size of an apple!!) while marveling at nature’s abundance.

Here is my favorite apple tart recipe. I love it not only because it is absolutely delicious (and not too indulgent), it is also (I PROMISE) incredibly simple and quick to assemble.  It can be made that the very last minute!



Figs always remind me of Italy – I learned to crave their sweet flesh after days spent feasting on figs with cheese and prosciutto.

Everywhere I turn, avocado toast is given the spotlight. And yes, it is absolutely delicious, but so are figs. This easy fig tartine is my autumn lunch staple.



Growing up, we were deprived of the four seasons, so we never indulged on crates of apples and endless supplies of artichokes, but, whenever my mum spotted the thistle in the imported section of our grocery, she would purchase the whole lot!

My mom's so elegantly eaten artichoke!

My mom's so elegantly eaten artichoke!

On a trip to Napa Valley, I ate the best artichoke of my life – it was chargrilled served with lemons. I absolutely couldn’t get enough and once you try it, neither will you!



Island life calls for eating lots of seafood, and many of my childhood evenings were spend catching crabs by digging into their burrowed homes. I love eating them boiled in lots of chili and garlic or battered and deep-fried.

Here is a super simple recipe that incorporates this season’s freshest crabs, and doesn’t require hammering the shell!



I find eggplants difficult to prepare and cook. If done incorrectly, they taste like a bath sponge, but if done right, are absolutely delicious.

This scrumptious recipe melds the subtle taste of eggplant with Asian flavors – I promise this will not disappoint.

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