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A Summer Staple: Chilled Gazpacho


A Summer Staple: Chilled Gazpacho

Cristina Soriano

For me, the epitome of summer tastes like prociutto con melon, wheels of manchego, pan con tomate (the Spanish version of a bruschetta… but so much better) and most importantly bowls and bowls of gazpacho.

Ahoy kiddies! On deck dining, circa early 1990's...

Ahoy kiddies! On deck dining, circa early 1990's...

Today, under the pale blue Barcelona sky, my Mum and I enjoyed a delicious and refreshing bowl of true Spanish gazpacho. Missing my two fabulous siblings, Andres and Camila, I dedicate this entry to them, who more than anyone, possess large appetites for gazpacho. I miss you and wish we were together!!

Growing up, my family spent many summers sailing in the Mediterranean, enjoying the clear waters surrounding Las Islas Baleares.

Cousins in Mallorca!

Cousins in Mallorca!

I will always remember Camila and Andres – who were far less picky of eaters that I was – fighting over the last teaspoon of cold, refreshing soup. Andres, many times, would sneak a cup full of gazpacho (in place of orange juice) to accompany his breakfast of eggs and bacon. (Sorry to blow your cover…20 years later!)

Gazpacho is a summer staple in our household, and I strongly suggest that it should be one in yours. Lucky Spaniards can easily purchase tetra packs full of the coral-colored goodness, but for those non-Spanish residents, here is my Mummy’s lip-smacking recipe. I'm so lucky to have been able to enjoy it today!

Ingredients: (approximates based on taste)

15 Vine/Plum Tomatoes

1 Onion

4 Cloves of Garlic

3 Green Peppers (we used special Spanish green peppers, but in America I use one)

2 Cucumber

Olive Oil

Red Wine Vinegar

Juice of one Lemon

Salt & Pepper


Remove the tomato peels by quickly blanching the plum tomatoes until the skin cracks.
Place all ingredients in a blender. Taste for flavor as you may need to add more vinegar, salt or pepper.

Serve cold, with condiments: croutons, diced onion, green paper, tomato, cucumber and hard-boiled egg.

To those unfortunate pallets who have not tasted the real Spanish gazpacho, and not the one that resembles diced tomatoes and salsa, today is your lucky day! 

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