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DIY - A Boho Beach Bolso


DIY - A Boho Beach Bolso

Cristina Soriano

I am certain many of you who read last week’s posting, were ooo-ing and ahh-ing at my bohemian tasseled tote. Well avid (and stylish) readers, a similar bag can easily be yours! Just follow these simple steps on bedazzling an old wicker beach tote, and you’ll have an up-cycled boho beach bolso!



-       Woven sea grass/wicker beach bag

-       Multiple colors of cotton string (commonly used for friendship bracelets)

-       Scissors

-       Ruler

-       Cork

-       Cardboard



Cut all the strings into 4 inch long pieces.

Take 10 4-inch strings of the same color and set 2 aside. Cut the 8 strings in half so that you’re left with 16 2-inch pieces and 2 4-inch pieces.

Wrap one of the longer strings around the middle of the bunch of smaller pieces and tie a double knot.

Fold the bunch along where you have just tied the double knot, and tie the last remaining longer strand around the folded bunch just slightly lower than the fold. This creates the ‘head’ of the tassel.

Cut the remainder of the string that was used to tie around the folded bunch to the length of the rest of the tassel.

Use the two longer strings hanging off the top of the tassel to fasten to the beach basket with a needle. Thread the needle with one of the longer strings and thread it through one of the openings in the woven bag, repeat with the other side and tie on the inside of the bag.

Repeat until the bag is covered to your liking

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