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A Fourth of July DIY!


A Fourth of July DIY!

Cristina Soriano

The Fourth of July, for all DIY-ers like myself, is a time to celebrate all things Red, White and Blue, to cake stars and stripes on everything and anything, and to entertain underneath the noon heat, grilling corn and blue cheese hamburgers… and cooling yourself with more than one serving of pie and ice cream!

This year, I had a surplus of mason jars in my kitchen, and thought, why not use them this Fourth? I’m using the holiday’s M-O of slapping everything with stars and stripes and plan to display them as centerpieces on an outdoor picnic table.

You can fill the jars with flowers like I have or festive plastic cutlery, breadsticks or sparklers!

Here is how I did it:


-       Red, White and Blue heavy duty acrylic paints

-       3 Mason Jars

-       Star-shaped Stamp (I cut out a piece of cardboard and adhered it onto a cork)

-       Water and Paint Tray



Paint all three jars with their base coats - one blue and two white. I suggest you stick your free hand into the jar, using it as a helm while you paint. After painting let the jars dry for about an hour.

Once dry, stamp the white stars onto the jar until the surface of the jar is covered, until your liking, with starry goodness. Let dry.

Wrap painter’s tape (in strips) around both of the white jars to make stripes. Make sure to leave space between the tape – this is where you will be filling in the area with red paint. The tape acts like a ruler.

Paint the gap between the paint strips with red paint. Repeat with the third jar.

Let the red paint dry on both of the jars and then remove the tape.

Place flowers, cutlery, Twizzlers (or anything else you desire) inside the newly festive mason jars and place on your table for your Fourth of July feast!

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