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Get Happy! Five Simple Things That Will Bring Positive Thoughts


Get Happy! Five Simple Things That Will Bring Positive Thoughts

Cristina Soriano

In need of a little pick-me-up? Put a smile on your face with these five simple ideas.


They can sometimes be expensive and seem indulgent, but you don’t need to buy very many for them to brighten up your day. A few stems in a tall milk jar will suffice. Place the arraignment in unexpected places like your bedside table or on top of the toilet.

 Artisanal Chocolate

A piece of delicious, artisanal chocolate (rather than the generic, very sweet and processed bars) can make all the difference to your day.

 Be Outside

Now that the sun is out, spend time outside doing active things like going out for a bike ride, strolling to the nearest farmers market, gardening… or even reading! The UV rays will feel so good on your (sunblock-protected) skin and you will absorb all the vitamin D to keep you even more happy!

 Wear Some Color

Sometimes the smallest, most trivial things can make all the difference. Put some color on – a fun vibrant top, a pair of bright pink shoes or a bold lipstick.

 A Touch of Mint

Spruce up your mundane glass of water with some mint infused ice cubes or mint infused water. The mint will add a cooling and simply decadent touch! Just place mint (or lemon rinds, tangerine wedges or edible flowers) into your ice cube tray, fill with water and freeze. 

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