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Spinning the Bottle


Spinning the Bottle

Cristina Soriano

Finding treasures in another person’s discards is one of life’s simplest (and not to mention, affordable) pleasures. For me, it is so gratifying to manipulate mundane objects – colorful bottles, chipped teacups, rusty garden tools, dilapidated window shutters – into something unconventional.

When I’m in the Hudson Valley over the weekends, I drag my extremely compliant and patient boyfriend to antique stores to buy treasures I can creatively repurpose. Secretly, I think he enjoys sifting through the layers of dust and veils of cobwebs as much as I…

One of the most charming stores is a roadside shack, filled almost to the rim, in bottles. Bottles in the most obscure shapes, colors and sizes. Bottles that once held perfume, whisky, water and wine. Bottles that to some may have as trite and inessential functions as corroded doorknobs and rickety chair frames.

But to me, they are jewels. I went crazy with the bottles, purchasing far too many than my wallet (and storage space) allows, but it couldn’t resist!

How in the world could I envision that antiquated bottles – all without tops and some the size of my thumb – could have any utilitarian function? Well, to someone like me who has flowers, entertaining and decorating at the forefront of my mind, what more unique and economical then to decorate using obsolete perfume, brandy and olive oil containers!

Last Sunday, I finally put my treasured bottles to use, displaying them front and center of a dinner party. I purchased beautiful yellow roses and filled each bottle with a few delicate stems.

The colors, contrasting shapes and unique patterns not only composed a beautiful dinner setting but were conversation pieces well.

 I urge you to find your inner junkie and play spin the bottle for your next dinner party! 

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