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All You Need is Water!


All You Need is Water!

Cristina Soriano

Lacking a Green Thumb? Look no further… A SUPER simple and error-free way to grow plants – and edible ones at that!

A few weeks I go I wrote about nurturing the Green Thumb in all of us. Yes, I am passionate about maintaining a strong sense of horticulture and am proud when my deli-bought tulips remain upright after a few days, or when my orchids last far longer than expected. I do, however, understand that the Green Thumb is not fervent in all of us… But I know that it can certainly start somewhere…. And all you need is some WATER!

An edible garden, for many of us, is the epitome of a win-win situation. You have something growing on your windowsill that is not only aesthetically pleasing but it enhances the most mundane of meals as well.  Win-Win!

Here’s what you do: when you’re next at the grocery, pick up your favorite herbs – basil, scallions, mint, rosemary, oregano, sage. I picked mine from my sister, Camila's garden. 

Prep each stem by removing leaves and shrubs from the bottom half. You don’t want any foliage to be submerged in water.

Cut the stems on a diagonal (to increase surface area and thus the absorption of water) and place them into shallow containers with water.

If you’re using scallions, cut the bottom bits off (use the top half for your cooking) and submerge the roots in a separate shallow container.

In about a week or so, the roots will start to grow. After a few weeks, once the roots are longer and seem much more resilient, I would recommend adding a few small pebbles to the glass to strengthen the roots. Once they have grown and are substantial, you can plant the stems into small pots with soil.

There, they will grow at full speed, and you’ll be able to prepare fresh mojitos, make unprocessed pesto, or spruce up some lemonade in really no time at all.

So get let your inner Green Thumb out, and grow some grocery bought herbs!

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