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Spring Inspired Tablescapes


Spring Inspired Tablescapes

Cristina Soriano

Spring is in the air! Daffodils are sprouting all along the Hudson River, birds are chirping outside my window and rubber wellies are being utilized to the fullest. The warmer days are on the horizon and along with the heat comes the array of bright colors – azure skies, marigold flowers, vibrant green grass and coral and cardinal tablecloth stripes.

To celebrate the colors of spring, I’ve set three tablescapes inspired by the effervescing azure and white skies, all of which can inspire you this Sunday for your Easter celebrations.


 A Simple mix of Pink Lisianthus with Blue and White Chinoiserie

Flowers brighten up your day, even flowers from your corner deli. I picked these lisanthus from a deli in my neighborhood who’s flowers seem almost as fresh as those in the flower district.

I bought two bundles of cerise pink and two of scarlet, and placed the stems in small milk jars, arranging them by color.


Simple, sophisticated and whimsical!


Peter Rabbit’s Favorite Feast

Every springtime I celebrate the freshness of produce. Walking through the aisles of even the most sheltered grocery, you’ll see only rich colors and smell bold varieties – what more when visiting the local farmers market!

In commemoration of this, I dedicated a tablescape to highlight the vibrant greens of savoy cabbage, asparagus, chives and baby carrot fronds.

Place the produce in odd sized jars for a more organic looking centerpiece. I wrapped leaves of the savoy cabbage around two small glasses and tied it together with a piece of twine. Add a tea light for more ambiance.


Blue, White and Green Egg-cellence

You can’t celebrate Easter without highlighting eggs!

So, I put together bowls of organic eggs I purchased from the farmers market and set them on boxwood ferns. Rather than decorating them with polka dots and stripes, I wanted to highlight their inherent shapes, colors and spots. They are so beautiful as simple objects.


To add more variance, I incorporated porcelain pillboxes my Granny and Mother collected in all shapes of fresh produce – avocado, asparagus, onion, lemon, etc. Every time I look at them I think of warmer days.  



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