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5 Ways to Beat the Mid-Winter Blues

Cristina Soriano

To say that it is cold in New York City is a trivializing understatement. -6°C is not cold, its inhospitably glacial. So much so, that the minute I walk out of my building and onto the corner of my quaint block—clad in (I’m not exaggerating) long underwear, ski socks, a cashmere jumper, a woolen fleece, a coat that resembles a comforter, a chunky knit scarf and a lime green ski hat—I turn right around heading back for my front door.

Sitting cozy by the fire. 

Sitting cozy by the fire. 

Coming from the warmth of the tropics to the frigid arctic can definitely be a shock to your system – especially for a warm-blooded creature such as myself. To help me stay happy, healthy and holistic, I’ve listed five of my favorite ways to try and beat the winter blues. 

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Dreaming of this view as I write this! 

Dreaming of this view as I write this! 

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