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Gift Wrapping!


Gift Wrapping!

Cristina Soriano

Although I wish terribly that my apartment offers a designated gift wrapping and craft station (like the ones from the Container Store below), I don’t have adequate storage for all my shoes, my handful of power tools (plus all the drill bits and other parts) and my acrylic paints and brushes, so it truly is…wishful thinking. 

Photos courtesy of the Container Store

Photos courtesy of the Container Store

So then, where do I store the rolls of gift wrap, spools of colorful ribbon and pinking shears? Guess what?? I don’t!!!

One thing I enjoy most about gift giving is the challenge of creative wrapping (the gift becomes so much more elevated once it is placed in magnificent wrapping) that I do not have a customary paper and predictable ribbon. I like to be creative with the presentation, sometimes even more innovative than my gift selection!  

This Christmas, I decided to look around my apartment and find some unique ways to cover my gifts – all with things found IN my home. No store bought plastic bows or bright colored paper. I hope this inspires you that you don’t need to spend hours choosing the candy cane stripe or Christmas ornament paper, you can grab whatever is in front of you, and design a beautiful presentation for you present! 

Recycling Old Newspaper

Keep old newspaper to use as wrapping! I particularly enjoy using the New York Times Style section - you're not only assured to incorporate some great photos, but you won't be wrapping your present with dismal news as well! 

I tied the present with a swirly red ribbon (that I saved from last Christmas) and attached a candy cane and bell I took off my Christmas tree! 

Brown Craft Paper

If you keep one roll of wrapping paper in your home, keep brown craft paper. It is so diverse - you can use it to wrap wedding presents, birthday packages or Christmas gifts! 

I wanted to create a gold gilded box, so I tied a gold wire ribbon around the package. I then spray painted some faux leaves (I kept from a previous craft project) with gold paint and attached them and some glittered pinecones onto the ribbon. 


If you're giving wine, champagne or any other awkwardly shaped object this Christmas, tie a spare piece of burlap around the object. If you don't have burlap, use some extra pieces of fabric, extra wallpaper or even a kitchen towel (if you feel generous to gift a new one)!

I tied the burlap with some dark green ribbon and added an accent of dried eucalyptus I had sitting on my desk. You can also snip a frond of pine off of (the back) of you tree or cut some holly or mistletoe. Incorporating a piece of nature into your wrapping makes the presentation so much more elegant. 

Chinese Take Out

For some reason, I have extra Chinese takeout containers lying around my kitchen. Don't worry! They haven't been used, and no, ginger chicken is not left out sitting to ferment. So, I decided to use it as a fun vessel for a small gift. 

I had some red and green paper confetti (saved from last year) and added it into the container so that my fragile gift would be protected. I then tied a dark green bow and then some other Christmas bells from my tree!

With a little creativity, you can wrap all your Christmas gifts using objects lying around your home! Enjoy the challenge of wrapping your gift without store-bought supplies, and you’ll feel even more gratified!

Merry Christmas! 

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