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10 Appetizers to Serve this New Years Eve!


10 Appetizers to Serve this New Years Eve!

Cristina Soriano

If you’re home is like mine, where every December 31st, all are welcome to stop by for some nibbles and a glass of bubbly, you’re already thinking about the glorious spread you’ll lay out on the dining table. What to put out this year? What is the perfect combination between store-bought and homemade appetizers? What is the right amount of plates for the number of expected guests? 

My siblings and I last year on New Years Eve in the Philippines! 

My siblings and I last year on New Years Eve in the Philippines! 

Since I’ve witnessed and experienced the stress of entertaining, I’ll make things easier for you. No, I, unfortunately can’t teleport to your kitchen to help whip up these decadent treats but I CAN promise you that they are very simple BUT they are hearty and delicious, and will leave your guests feeling satisfied between flutes and flutes of champagne! 

As someone who lives for entertaining, I’ve began to realize that there, in fact, is a perfect mix between home-made and store-bought appetizers, and it is very important that every host finds their perfect balance. Between cleaning the house, arraigning flowers and stirring cocktails, you, hosts, (even the most seasoned!) have no time to create each and every appetizer. So, here are ten of my absolute favorite, a combination of store bought and homemade, that will entice your guests to not only linger in front of the buffet, but graze in it as well!

I wish everyone a wonderful, blessed and happy New Year! Full of warm friends, full tummies and lots of bubbly! 

Click below to get the yummy recipes:

Twice-Baked Blue Potatoes, photo courtesy of Domino

Smoked Salmon on Cucumber Rounds, photo courtesy of All Recipes

The Perfect Meatballs, photo courtesy of Southern Living

Shrimp Cocktail, photo courtesy of Martha Stewart

Endive with Pear and Blue Cheese, photo courtesy of Vanilla and Bean 

Crab Salad Canapés, photo courtesy of Martha Stewart  

Babaganoush, photo courtesy of Host the Toast  

Beef Teriyaki Crisps with Wasabi Mayonnaise, photo courtesy of Cooking Light

Goat Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms, photo courtesy of Martha Stewart

The Best Cheese Platter, photo courtesy of Honesty YUM!

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