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A Domestic Goddess Gift Guide


A Domestic Goddess Gift Guide

Cristina Soriano

I can’t believe it’s already December! How time flies…and how I now feel so rushed to find lots of goodies to put under the tree! 

Getting our tree from our favorite place on Jane Street!!

Getting our tree from our favorite place on Jane Street!!

I spent the Thanksgiving holidays with Ascanio's family, and passed lots of time with his adorable four year old sister, Olimpia. As you can image, between afternoons of coloring, biking and singing "You Are My Only Sunshine," we drew pictures of Santa Claus, wrote out our Christmas wish-lists and brainstormed cookie recipes we want to leave out for our favorite bearded visitor and his reindeer. 

Unlike Olimpia's list, which included the latest toys, Cinderella coloring books, a new puppy and a pink bicycle, mine was composed of all things for the domestic goddess and her home - beautiful new pillows and vases, stark hand embroidered linens, candles, earrings, clutches and bath and body oils. All of which, Ascanio would say, I desperately need like another piece of pumpkin pie! 

Here is my Christmas wish list – hint, hint, nudge, nudge – a list that I thought could be a super gift guide for you, the domestic goddess, or another one in your life! 

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