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9 Place Setting Inspirations for your Christmas Table

Cristina Soriano

The best time of year is when friends and family, sporting paper crowns, come to gather around an (of course) gorgeous table full of decadent food and indulgent wine!

Last year's tree! 

Last year's tree! 

This Christmas, I hope to inspire you to not only deck the halls and trim the tree, but to bejewel the table as well! It is, after all, where you spend most of the evening – feasting away, chuckling at cheesy Christmas cracker jokes and playing with gag-gifts! 

Here are nine of my favorite ideas for place settings -  all super easy to recreate.

Send me over some great pictures of your Christmas table to make the 10th !

BUT, before I go into ANY further, the #1 most important thing is that all your table linens be ironed and starched! Don’t go overboard – no one wants to every so coyly wipe her face with a piece of cardboard, but the linens should hold a bit of shape. 

Cranberry Wreaths

Although I don’t particularly like cranberry jelly or juice, I absolutely love these cranberry wreaths! If you’re using plain white plates and linens, the red wreath adds a much-needed pop of color. To make, string berries into a piece of florist wire and then tire both ends together to close. To cover the wire closure, add a spray of pine and/or a piece of green ribbon! 

An Evergreen and A Candy Cane

Cut a sprig of evergreen and place it along with a candy cane in the center of your napkin. Tie with a festive red and white ribbon. If you’re going to set the table with placement, you can write your guests’ names on tags and tie them to the ribbon. 

Sugar Cookie Tree

Nothing screams ‘tis the season’ like sugar cookies, and using them to adorn the table is so unique and, (no pun intended), sweet! So, why not create a tree of star shaped cookies, sprinkle them with some powdered sugar and place them atop your table. You can even have your guests dip them in some spiked hot coco for desert!

Rosemary Wreath

With rosemary on your table, your guests will get an early whiff of the lamp chops roasting in the oven, or the rosemary-seasons roast potatoes! The wreath is so simple to make: take both ends of a sprig of rosemary and tie them together using some malleable florist wire. Cover the wire with kitchen twine or a colorful ribbon and place atop our (starched!) napkin. 

Glittering Pine Cones

When I was in South Carolina for Thanksgiving, I collected a huge bag of pinecones – for some reason or another, I became transfixed in their beauty and needed to bring home every single one I picked up! I now use them for crafts and as the centerpiece of my dining table and every time I see them, I smile. If you have an excess of pinecones, grab a few small ones and spray paint them in either silver or gold and place them atop your table. You can also keep them natural, but a bit of glitz and glam is always nice! 

A Cinnamon Stick

A great way to add some festive Christmas aromas onto the table is by tying a stick of cinnamon around your napkin. I love the look – its rustic yet refined and so so easy. Cinnamon is one of my absolute favorite spices; it goes in anything from coffee to braised short ribs, so why not on the table as well?!

Pinecone Wreath

The many mini-pinecones you’ve collected on your nature walks (like me!) can now be used to make a modern minimal wreath to go atop your Christmas table! To make, form a circle out of some thick florist wire and tie both ends. Using a glue gun (my favorite tool!) glue the small pinecones to the circle. Et voila! I love how the wreath sits atop a crisp white napkin, which is on top of a small wooden paddle which then sits on the plates! 

Gag-gifts No More!

One tradition we have at our house is that my mom places a no-so-gag-gift atop each place sitting to compliment the fun plastic toy hidden in our Christmas crackers. My mom gets us something small but meaningful: silver pill boxes, a pendant for a charm bracelet, or cufflinks. I saw this place setting and thought how beautiful it is and how festive! So at your home, if you have additional gifties on your table, like we do at mine, try placing them in a glass bell ornament! 

Your Inner Lumberjack

This place setting is absolutely spectacular – I can’t wait to have Ascanio channel his inner lumberjack and commission (meaning, slightly coerce) him into making these wooden chargers for me. The table looks like a winter wonderland without frostbitten toes and an excess of snow! To recreate, channel you (or your darling boyfriends) inner lumberjack and chop some 2-inch pieces of wood!

Send me over some great pictures of your Christmas table to make the 10th!

Wishing you all the merriest (and craftiest) of Christmases!

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