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Winter Wellness – Tips to Staying Radiant in the Most Drab of Times


Winter Wellness – Tips to Staying Radiant in the Most Drab of Times

Cristina Soriano

It’s (almost) mid-December, it hasn’t snowed in New York City and I haven’t walked out of my apartment with layers of long underwear, a ski hat and mittens – and I’m NOT complaining (although I do feel for Mother Earth)!! Selfishly, my tiny clammy hands and warm-blooded body have such a terrible time enduring the winter (and all that comes with it) that I’m rejoicing in the extended Fall-like weather. 

Snow, bone-chilling gales and frost-bitten toes will inevitably come, (I am bracing for that moment, with every muscle in my body), but with that anticipation, I have decided to set out one goal this winter: to ensure that I remain positive, healthy and glowing, during the most gloomy and daunting of times. I promise to nurture myself: take care of my mind, body and soul.  

Mind –

The one thing that helps me maintain a sane and positive mind is exercise. I am a firm believer in the positive effects of a workout and I resolve to step out of my apartment, even amidst a snowstorm, to release those endorphins!

For someone like me who works at home, it is absolutely tractable how the day can go by without once ever stepping foot on the sidewalk! Trust me, there have been many a rainy day when the comfort of my desk and a pile of magazines become the priority. But no! Things WILL be different this winter! 

Body –

It’s important to nurture you’re body during the harshness of winter. The combination of lack of sunlight (and therefore deficit of vitamin d) and the dryness from heaters and crisp winter air leave your skin, hair and nails parched, frizzy and brittle. Yuck!

I feel most glamorous and radiant when my hair looks voluminous and bouncy, so the first thing I prioritize is hydrating and de-frizzing my hair. I absolutely love using It’s a 10 Hair Care – I use both their Miracle Leave-In Product and Miracle Styling Serum which works wonders on my wavy-going-grey hair! I apply the Leave-In Product onto my tips to prevent split ends and to protect it from the constant wear and tangle with scarves. The Styling Serum I put right before I quickly blow dry (and I mean QUICK – no round curling brush here) and it does the trick. I feel as glam and glowing when my hair is styled and it is even more wonderful when you can do it economically at home!

Soul –


For me, winter is Mother Nature’s way of telling us to enjoy time spent indoors with love ones. It’s a time to revel in entertaining friends and family with a perfectly roasted pork tenderloin, or the opportunity to catch up on the latest novel you’ve been dying to read or the much-needed occasion for breakfast in bed.

Whatever the vice, I look forward to celebrating my most favorite place – the home – and in its walls, spend time relaxing, doing things that make us happy, and nurturing our souls. 


In a city like New York, where walking is imperative, and where the positioning of buildings generates bitter wind tunnels stronger than turbines, it is easy to feel, well, not like your radiant summer-self. But this year, I’m not going to let that feeling take over me. I’m resolving to make the most out of the season and will continue to feel my most luminous throughout all the hale, snow and frost and encourage you to do the same! Take care of you: your mind, body and soul, and you’ll see how fast the winter months will fly! 


This post was created in partnership with It’s a 10 Hair Care

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