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Think Pink


Think Pink

Cristina Soriano

Every October, BOOBIES are on everyone’s minds – it’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month!  

Although I believe a cancer so rampant (affecting every one in eight women) should not only be in the spotlight one month of the year, there are so many wonderful events in October that bring light to this special cause, that I can’t help but partake.

Breast cancer is an illness extremely close to my heart and I know that the disease has impacted everyone in some capacity or another. October, therefore must be an important month for everyone – not only women, but men as well. I dream of a world free from the terrifying ‘C’ and I hope that in my lifetime, my dreams will come true. EVERY little bit counts. 

So, what can you do?

There are lots of ways one can be involved to raise awareness and make a contribution, and for me (a semi-Asian who takes pride in gift-giving – like all good Asians do! – and a try-hard domestic goddess) one of the easiest ways to make a donation is to make a purchase on a personal item for you or a loved one, as a gift! 

Breast Cancer Prodcuts 2015v2.jpg

What I love most about buying something tangible where proceeds funnel to a wonderful cause, is that upon seeing the object, you are constantly reminded about your support and contribution. Many times we forget our donations once you’ve given some money: it’s out of sight and out of mind. Purchasing a beautiful object for your home is extra special when you know that some of the proceeds have gone to a wonderful cause. And, what makes gift giving even more significant than presenting someone with a both a lovely object that also supports a cause?!

More and more brands are working towards building a world free of poverty, disease and hunger, and this year, products benefiting breast cancer were abundant.

Here are fifteen of my favorites, some of which I will be purchasing without a doubt.

I hope you're inspired to make a contribution this month. Every little bit combined altogether, goes a long way! 

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