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DIY: Gold, Glitz and Glam


DIY: Gold, Glitz and Glam

Cristina Soriano

Whenever there is a mention of gold (in the interior realm), the first thing that pops into mind is $$$$$. And then, it’s baroque gilding, extravagant moldings, gold lacquer and lots of shimmer. It seems that a lot of times, it has a bad reputation. But NO, dear readers, gold (in moderation) can be absolutely stunning! And even better, AFFORDABLE too!!

I recently hosted a gathering to celebrate a close friend's engagement (and to carouse in the company of my nearest and dearest), and I wanted to create something unique and special for the buffet table – something gold, glitzy and glam! 

But… I also did not want to break the bank…

So, I ran to the nearest hardware store, purchased a bottle of gold spray paint and started crafting.

Since I spend endless hours creating and cooking, I had a surplus of odd-shaped bottles readily accessible for me to guild, lacquer and glam, and then use as delicate bud vases. 

Here is how I did it:


Gold spray paint (or a color of your choice)

Empty bottles

Plastic tarp or empty box (your work station)

Create a workstation by laying out a plastic tarp or isolating an empty cardboard box. It is best if you can work outside so that you don’t inhale all the toxic fumes, but since it is freezing out, I worked in in my well-ventilated basement.


Place bottle in the center of the workstation.

Channel your inner graffiti artist and start spraying. You don’t want to spray too close to the bottle as you’ll add a thick coating, which will eventually run. Best to spray evenly from a distance. Rotate the bottle as you paint.


Once completely covered, leave to dry for a few minutes – I left mine for about an hour. 

Fill with blooms and set as your buffet centerpiece. 

Who knew gold could be so affordable?!

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