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A Smashing Pumpkin


A Smashing Pumpkin

Cristina Soriano

Looking for a smashing new way to incorporate autumn’s best into your home? Here is a blooming idea –  it’s oh so simple and super gorgeous!


1 Pumpkin

Bouquet of flowers

Pumpkin carving tools

Small plastic bag (the clear ones you put your produce in at the grocery store work best)


Step 1

Start by drawing a circle around the top of the pumpkin for the spout of the vase. 

Step 2

Then take the saw carving tool and cut out the top of the pumpkin. Embarrassingly, this was my first time carving a pumpkin (EVER!) and I found it surprisingly easy to do! I was expecting to break as sweat! 

Easy as (pumpkin) pie!!!! 

Easy as (pumpkin) pie!!!! 

Step 3

Empty out the pumpkin cavity so that it is free from any flesh or seeds.  

Step 4

Stick the plastic bag into the pumpkin, leaving the edges hanging out. Since the plastic acts like a vase (so that the pumpkin does not rot quicker from the water) you can use a glass or a bowl, but I personally think the plastic is the best route. 

Step 5

Pour in some water. 

Step 6

And start arranging! I used beautiful dahlias which I found at the flower market. I Loved how they looked almost tie-dyed so I thought to make a fairly monochromatic arrangement. But go wild! If you find fresh colorful flowers at your nearest florist, grab those! Or for a longer lasting centerpiece, fill the cavity with succulents, herbs or evergreens. 

ET VOILA! A Smashingly feminine and beautiful pumpkin that you can display as a festive centerpiece!

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