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A Mama and Daughter Drink and Dine


A Mama and Daughter Drink and Dine

Cristina Soriano

Fuzzy photos mean too great of a time!

Fuzzy photos mean too great of a time!

I could not be happier to be spending a few months at home, spending valuable time with the friends and family I have known all my life and who I have missed dearly. Being amongst their company is exactly the remedy I needed from the hustle and bustle of New York life – a rejuvenation comprised of constant laughter, the most positive vibes, and endless conversation.

To honor my wonderful friends, my mother and I wanted to host an evening celebrating decades of friendship and many decades more.

When my mom and I are together, we are constantly planning, creating and designing, so when we decided to host a girls dinner, we wanted to make something extra special, adding personal touches that make each guest feel exceptional.

Our solution: Floral Crowns. My mom and I spend evenings creating tissue paper flowers (a detailed how-to will follow) which we glued onto plastic headbands (for each of the daughters) and bobby pins (for the mamas).

We wanted the dinner to be very feminine and fun, with a touch of whimsy. We used one of my mom’s favorite collections of china – a pattern of wild strawberries – and paired them with an equally delicate hand embroidered placemat set. Each of the daughters had their floral crown encircling their napkin, while the mama’s bobby pin flowers were pined onto the napkins.

The intricate headdresses not only made everyone smile, but were a great vibrant addition to the dinner party. Giving our guests a homemade token was a real symbol of the love my mom and I have for our friends, and I know that they felt the tremendous amount of adoration. 

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