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Cristina Soriano


I’m delighted to share that I have just joined the Martha Stewart family as a collaborator for the Martha Stewart Living blog!

My first post is live and can be read here!  


Behind the scene in making the entry…


While I was juggling between packing for my trip home to the Philippines, last minute errands and Christmas dinners and events, ideas for my first Martha Stewart article were immanent. The fabulous Martha Stewart team gave me a bunch of guidelines and criteria as well as helpful tips on adhering the blog’s handwriting so I had a variety of Christmas DIY projects, easy cozy recipes and interior entertaining advice all lined up.

 I, however, decided on choosing an article that hit closer to home – literally. While I was packing my gigantic suitcase (travelling light is not my forte), and setting aside all the various accouterments I wanted to bring along with me as carry-on, an idea sparked: why don’t I write about how to pack all the essentials to survive the intimidating 18 hour flight.

Now my essentials are certainly a long list – long enough that I recommend using a wheeled carry-on luggage rather the stylish leather totes I lugged around forever. The list includes a reusable water bottle, a travel cosmetic case, a natural (and homemade) cleaning spray to disinfect the tray table, and a warm pair of socks.

I have been travelling since I was literally two months old, so I think I have mastered the art of packing everything you think is necessary for long distance travel and hope that my inventory helps you even if you are traveling a fraction of what I have! 

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