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Elevated Envelopes


Elevated Envelopes

Cristina Soriano

It’s the time of year for gifting and for thanking those that help facilitate our busy lives. 

I have been asked what is the most appropriate tip to give doormen, housekeepers and apartment supers, and although I do not have a perfect equation, I came up with a festive way to deliver your gift: elevating white mailing envelopes.

For me, the wrapping, ribbon and card are equally as important as the gift itself. An elegant paper or handmade card elevates the most mundane presents (even socks and a toaster if you can believe!) So, I wanted to gift those that help me balance my hectic New York City life, with a special twist.

I decided to paint, using acrylic pigments, some iconic Christmas images on plain white envelopes – a super easy enhancement, even for the most artistically impaired.

Incorporating your own creative fingerprint adds an added thoughtful layer to your gift. Whether you're gifting $100 or $10 to your dry cleaners, they will certainly appreciate the few moments you spent decorating their card. 

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