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Kristin's Despedida


Kristin's Despedida

Cristina Soriano

One of the things I love the most is to entertain. I love bringing people together in my home to celebrate friendship and enjoy wonderful company. So, when one of my closest friends told me that she is moving to San Francisco, I was delighted to host an intimate despedida dinner for her.

I managed to comfortably squeeze nine of our closest friends on my six-person dining table and we reveled in enthralling conversation and endless flowing wine.

The tablescape was somewhat spring-inspired but I wanted it to be bright and cheerful. Spring is the metaphor for new beginnings and Kristin’s move to San Francisco is certainly the beginning of a new chapter.

I went to the garment district and bought three yards of a blue and white ikat fabric for the tablecloth and used plate chargers rather than placemats so that I could fit more people on the table. I didn’t set glasswear because we had cocktails and pica pica so everyone already had their wine glasses in hand!

Early on Friday morning I went to the flower district and fell in love these red Ranunculus' and yellow Pin Cushion Proteas. They are spring-like and buoyant but are also the colors of fall - a perfect combination. I made an arraignment with various old medicine bottles and tea lights on both ends of the table because I did not want to clutter the center. To compliment the orange and red flowers, I picked equally bright napkins, folding them and tying the center with a piece of twine.

For dinner, I wanted to serve something other than the easy roast chicken, so I decided to cook a chicken curry – a comforting dish to compliment a blazing fireplace on the first cold New York night. I’m by no means a chef, but enjoy using my hands in the kitchen and like experimenting and pushing my culinary boundaries.

The setting and food were all a big hit and the nine laughed until the wee hours of the morning! 

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